How to find Concrete Workers & Employees

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Zack with Creative Concrete Consulting again, hope you are all having a fantastic day. Just wanted to shoot this quick value packed video about finding qualified workers for concrete contractors from the home office today. 

Best Strategies to find Qualified Workers

So it not only comes down to the best platforms to advertise on and advertising on as many platforms within your budget but best practices. 

In my mind, it comes down to three things.

Number one personalization because we understand how important work culture is and the fact that we’re literally spending more time with these people than we do with our own family.

So you want to attract people based on that (personability) but you also want people to be working for you based on personability and them just liking you. Figure 1-1 Below is a GREAT example of this.

{Not in video} Creating a video ad with some character is also another great way to attract people to your company.


Figure 1-1

Number two, prosperity, and just let them know that you’re a

  1. Fast-growing company and that there’s going to be plenty of opportunities
  2. That their families are going to be taken care of and they have a chance to move up the ladder.
  3. Vetting out these candidates on the front end so you don’t up getting dishwashers.


Figure 1-1

That just comes down to split testing different ad copy, different offers, and having questions where they can’t lie about their experience.

This is also very important during the actual interview itself is to understand the kind of person that you want and base your questions on that. You also want questions that they can’t lie about like what their screening process is or what they’re finishing process is…anything that they really can’t lie about and that they can’t make up.



Best Platforms to Advertise Job Postings

As far as the best platforms to advertise on:

1.LinkedIn Recruiter

2. Obviously there’s big job sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster, etc

3. What I’ve found to be the most successful are Facebook ad campaigns. (Figure 1-2 is a Facebook ad example).


The only caveat to that is I 100% recommended a professional team to take care of that just to do all the appropriate targeting so you don’t have to waste money to Mark Zuckerberg and 10 out of 10 recommend having professionals do that for you so you don’t have to waste your money.

Figure 1-2


Alright, guys hopefully this video helps. If you have any questions about finding qualified workers, definitely feel free to directly message me, I love to help.

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