Pre-Qualify your Prospects to Save Time & Money

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Zachary here again with another value packed video about taking 2 to 5 minutes to qualify prospects over the phone so you don’t spend two to five hours conducting an estimatieto find out that they’re bad fit.

To me it comes down to personalizing yourself over the phone because we all know that people buy from people and then also having three qualifying questions. 

So as opposed to telling you, I’ll just run you through how a phone call should look like. Hello Mr. Prospect this is Zachary from Creative Concrete Consulting how’s it going? *insert small talk*.

Ya I saw that you filled out a form on our website and are interested in having concrete installed, is it okay if I ask you a couple of questions about the project. 

Prospect: “Yes, no problem”.

Question number 1: “Yes just like tell me about the project in general”.

You can get a lot of details from this.

Question number 2: “What’s your budget look like for this project because obviously, I can come down there, I might have to read you some foundation, I might have to dig some stuff up we never know what the cost is going to be so I’m just curious what  your budget is for this project?” You also get a lot of information from that (and this might Disqualify them) 

Question number 3: probably the most important question. “There’s a lot of good concrete companies around, why did you choose my company”.

The reason this is so powerful is because “why” questions make people defensive so they’re going to defend why they chose you. 

Ultimately this is going to give you leverage to find out why they went with you and if they try to undercharge or lowball you, you can go back to whatever they say here. 

If they say, “I saw your reputation”, you can use that later on (if they lowball you)

If they say, “I just really like your work” you can use that later on. 

If they say something along the lines of, “I’m just shopping right now” this might disqualify them and you can decide to conduct the estimate or conduct an estimate for another project where the people are shopping.

This is some advanced sales training and if you’re able to conduct this, you’ll save yourself so much time and as we all know 

Time is money in this business.

Have a great rest of your day guys!

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